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1 Top 3 Outfits


One of the most important parts of fashion for me is a persons ability to reinvent a item of clothing so it can be worn time and time again without anyone noticing. Of course we want the world to think we’re in something new every time we step out the door. And, well not just that, sometimes I buy an item I love so much I want to wear it to every occasion I go to every day of the week.

This was one of those times.

Yes, I went into Dutchee Dutchee again, lets be honest, who could help it? I instantly fell for an in your face orange polka dot top.

That evening Ross and I headed out for dinner with some friends so I went for a casual look with some stone wash jeans.

Jeans Jay Jay Jeans, Bag Sports Girl, Shoes Rubi Shoes

A few days later we were heading to party with the Madden brothers at a Good Charlotte concert so I needed to make the top a little more rock chic, which can only be done with something black and something high waist-ed and of course some help from ruffled hair and big rings. The Madden’s were of course gorgeous and sexy and incredible live even though I’m not normally a rock girl, well I am now. And Ross who already wanted Tats now wants to look like them. I’ll leave no comment on that other than I love the Madden brothers and they look even better under Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Shoes Freelances Shoes, Leggings Topshop

Rings both Topshop

A few days later the temperature hit 30 degrees, woohooo summer is here, (in Australia anyway), and it was time to reinvent my top again for a day at the beach. A summer hat, white short shorts and flip flops were the only was to do this. I love how white can completely change the look of something and seemingly the shade of an item.

Hat Jay Jay Jeans, Shortwons Topshop, Flip Flops O’neill, Bikini (underneath) Dutchee Dutchee

But it doesn’t have to be something new.

My challenge to you all is to go to your closet and find an item you haven’t worn in ages and probably wont wear again. Pair it with something new or something you wouldn’t normally wear it with. Cut and sew if you have to. Turn some old jeans into shorts, put it with some tights or layer it up. I want us all wearing beloved things more often with fresh looks.

Good Luck, I’d love to hear and see what you come up with.

As always, much love,

Hannah x x x


Tapas and Maxi Skirts


A good combination, I think.

I first saw this maxi skirt a few weeks ago in the window of my now favorite boutique in Sydney, Dutchee Dutchee. Its the most amazing little boutique owned by two young women just two doors down from the cafe that a work in. But the skirt was a little out of my price range so I walked away. However walking past the store everyday didn’t help and after a week I decided I loved it so much and kept thinking about getting it, that it was worth the money. AND when I went in it was a 25% off weekend!! Wohooo. It must have been fate that made me wait.

Anyway the next day in the cafe was a nightmare and so so so so busy, so I came home put on my new skirt grabbed Ross and we marched down to our now favorite restaurant in town, a tapas bar named Splash for some recuperation time. I would recommand anyone who is  in Sydney or plans to come to Sydney to head to Cronulla and visit Splash. Well I would recommend coming to Cronulla anyway because it’s such a beautiful place but Splash gives it even more positive points.

We had delicious Squid, mini steaks with scallops, haloumi  salad, and chicken kebabs. Yum one of the best restaurants ever, it’s really relaxed so you don’t sit a tables just loads of chairs and coffee tables, so they bring the food out slowly with lots of different courses. Very European of them. A perfect evening to relax after a stressful day and the perfect place to wear my new outfit.

Because the print of the skirt is very busy I tried to keep my top half simple with a white Tee and a  pale pink cardigan. And to keep in with the slightly hippy style to the skirt I popped on some beaded sandals.

Yummy Steak and Scallops

I actually went back to Dutchee Dutchee today and got some things I shouldn’t have but we’re going out tonight and to a Good Charlotte concert tomorrow, so clearly it was needed, stay updated to see.

As always much love guys.

Hannah x x x



Sydney Fashion Festival: Bless’ed Are The Meek


Okay I changed my mind. I said Johanna Johnson was my favorite, and she was on the catwalk, but as soon as I started researching ‘Bless’ed Are The Meek‘ I said, “sorry Jo me love, but you need to move on over, there’s a new favorite in the house!!”

Blessed, as I shall called it because it’s a bit of a mouth fall, is floaty and girly like Johanna Johnson (see previous post), but lose the prim and proper aspects, Blessed is edgy and fun. Normally I pick a couple of my favorite pictures but I just couldn’t I had to show you them all. I’ll let you all make up your own mind.


Ekkk, I think I would wear each and every one of them. Once again Australian designers have surprised me and have me on my knees praising, I think a round of applause is in order for ‘Bless’ed Are The Meek.

As always, much love.

Hannah x x

Sydney Fashion Festival: Johanna Johnson


I thought I would start my research into the local designers featured in Sydney Fashion Festival with my favorite designer of the night, because well you have to start somewhere and the minute the models for Johanna Johnson walked out I gripped Ross’s hand a little tighter in excitement.

She specializes, I have found, in Bridal wear, which is beautiful and I would recommend to anyone getting married but I’m not and I doubt many of you at this second are so lets focus on her latest collection of evening wear.



God it’s so pretty I could die!

I love the loose fitting 20’s style dresses and the head pieces to match the era. But I also love the fitted pretty tulip dresses. Maybe a little safe with the simple black but the cut of each dress completely make up for it in my book.


01 JJTO4004  Harlow

JJL3016-GOLD  Gardinia in Gold

The detail in every piece is purely the reason she is being noticed on the runway, so obviously if you are getting married she is the perfect place to go. So check it out!

01 JJZ0023  The Susannah



Image Source:


Sydney Fashion Festival


Last Friday night I dragged Ross with me into the city centre of Sydney to attend Sydney Fashion Festival. Champagne, Mercedes convertibles, make overs, Marie Claire and of course a killer cat-walk made it an exciting and insightful night into the Sydney fashion scene.

Seen as how I’m living in Australia I think it’s important to look at Australian designers and blow their trumpets as much as I can because along with China and the rest of Asia I think Australia is holding its own and becoming bigger on the World fashion stage. Move over Milan, Sydney had a lot to say last Friday night.

So watch out for lots of Australian designers in up and coming posts. But for now obvisously the most outfit was mine! Err Hello this is my blog so lets force on me for a second.

Although it was an evening event, the London fashion events I have been to in the past are always more about style and trends rather than being dressed up for a night out. So I decided on a tailored pair of shorts. I felt they were smart enough for the evening but paired with a simple cardigan became more laid back. Given their bright colour and the bright colour of my bag I kept the top half of me a plainer black and white. And tried to show the Aussies some English Heritage with the padded anorak I’ve blogged about in the past.

The shorts were from an Australian chain named ‘Chic-A-Booti’, which I love, it’s a bit of a New Look/H&M but with better quality materials.

The bag is my favourite item. It was one of the first things I brought when I got to the land down under because after three months backpacking I didn’t even have a handbag. I saw it from the window of Sports Girl, which I’m pretty sure we have in England, if not I’ve definitely seen it in Europe. When I got inside it was $50 reduced to $15.. Meant. To. Be! Surprisingly even though it’s a bright yellow it seems to go with most things.

The shoes I mentioned briefly in my last blog. These also go with everything and I love the style of them. There a little bit old school, sling back peep toes.








Don’t worry he gets his moment on the red carpet too. Albeit a playful one.


Remember to keep in the loop for all my favorite designers from Fashion Festival in the next few days. I finally finally finally have my new laptop and internet set up so blogging can take priority again. So she says, wait until I finish a 9 hour shift at the restaurant I wont sound so positive. But positive thoughts Hannah, POSITIVE THOUGHTS!

As always much love x x x


Happy First Birthday Closet Fash


1 year on!

It’s been one of the strangest but most exciting years of my life.

One year ago today I started Closet Fash, mostly because I wanted to find an outlet for writing since I finished my Journalism degree, and keep up everything I had learned while I was working to go travelling.

I had been talking about maybe starting a blog for weeks… well okay, it could have been months, and on one emotional Saturday evening saying goodbye to one of my closest friends Marie as she left to live in California for a year, she made me promise I would start it. And that was it, the next morning Closet Fash was born!

Well yesterday Marie touched back down on the tarmac of Heathrow Airport, and it feels like only days ago that she hugged goodbye, but weirdly it feels like I’ve had my blog for much much longer. It has simple become a part of my everyday life.

Although I am nowhere near where I wanted to be at the one year mark with my blog, travelling South East Asia for 3 months and moving to Australia have somehow got in the way, but I still have the Closet on my mind 24/7. Every time I pass a shop window, or a girl in amazing shoes walks on by, its at the for front of my mind.

I could never have imagined one year ago the blogging world that the Closet would open up for me. It’s no long a means to an end for writing and experience, it’s now an exciting life style.

One of my most used and important communities that the Closet introduced me to is the world of the Independent Fashion Bloggers. And while browsing the site yesterday, as I do pretty much everyday, I came across an article asking bloggers to submit their favorite fashion moments. This gave me a get an idea for the ‘First Birthday Blog’.

‘My favorite moment, from my first year as a blogger.’

This outfit came from the blog ‘Back in Business’ that I wrote on New Years Day this year. It was the moment that vintage really clicked for me, and as my readers will know the love for vintage only grew stronger from this moment on.

I had brought the blazer in a charity shop a few years before with my flat mates but had only started to understand the importance of a blazer in ones wardrobe. The dress and bag I had just brought from Ebay when I discovered what an important means Ebay is. Separately I wasn’t sure about the dress but when I paired it all together it just seemed to fit. Like I said it just clicked, and I finally understood the reason accessories and thinking about what works is the most important part of fashion.

It was also a time I was getting more confident with make up even though I had been wearing the basics for years, and started getting more risky in my lipstick choices, which I think paid off. And I have to say, I felt pretty great going out on a cold winters evening with my friends to celebrate Christmas Eve Eve.

It’s been an amazing year. I have made incredible friends, traveled 5 countries, settled in Australia, got a new job and found my calling in life in the Closet brand. I plan to make it grow and prosper, and hopefully when I write a similar post to this one year from now I can speak of its success. But most importantly I want to thank my readers for all the lovely comments and coming back time and again.

I hope that wasn’t to cheesy.

As always, much love x x x

Summer Tulip


It’s summer at home and winter in Sydney, Australia where I currently sit writing. But it’s still 19 degrees outside so I’m not having to many problems with the fact that I’m in a completely different season to the majority of my readers. However that will all change come October, but I shall face that problem when I get to it. Not that I’m complaining. I’ll also just have to work on getting more of a following this side of the equator. Not a challenge at all.

Pre-trip when I was agonizing over what to bring with me in my smallish backpack, I came across this tulip shaped dress. I had brought it in the TopShop sales about 2 years before. It was slightly to big and the zip was broken, but it was 7 pounds and inspiration hit me. Well I say inspiration, I really mean I gave my Mum, ‘the incredible seamstress’ a big smile and a hug until she got the sewing machine out. But I never really found the right moment to wear it. A couple of cold English summers followed and there was never the perfect cardigan to match. Nor did it go with leggings, so I kind of forgot about it. Well I think it will find it’s home in Australia. It’s extemeo girlyo but paired with the harsher brown of my  sandals I think it balances and calms the baby dolly look down a tad.

While thinking about the prettiness of the dress and it full skirt I saw some great news on the Australian version of This Morning, “Mornings”, stating ASOS now shipped to Australia and it’s taking off like nothing else.

Well I needed no more incentive and got straight on it. The Aussie site sells the same product so there will be no confusion there.

Some are a little expensive, but the idea and the style is all there to inspire you. Plus they’re two lovely to leave out, what more explanation do you need?

Image 1 of Aqua Floyd Dress Structured Skater with Metal Section BeltImage 2 of Aqua Floyd Dress Structured Skater with Metal Section Belt$180 ASOS

This one (below) I fell in love with at first sight. It’s a bit mumsy in a way, or maybe a little more Kate Middleton but it has something about it that made me think, tea party. Please don’t ask me why, I don’t have an explanation for that one but it’s sexy by leaving something to the imagination, and still show off great legs. Well the model has great legs. Also the long sleeves make it perfect for an English summer… or an Australian winter.

Image 4 of ASOS Skater Dress With Kiss PrintImage 2 of ASOS Skater Dress With Kiss Print $65 ASOS

Image 1 of Alice McCall Anais Dress In Silk Cotton With Cutwork BodiceImage 3 of Alice McCall Anais Dress In Silk Cotton With Cutwork Bodice$562 ASOS

Image 1 of Nishe Embroidered Daisy Prom DressImage 3 of Nishe Embroidered Daisy Prom Dress$195 ASOS

The rest I don’t think I need to mention, they speak for themselves. Or they do to me anyway. Sweet dresses and I have a secret sign language.

As always much love x x x

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