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It All Starts Here


So I just graduated from a degree in journalism and as much as I hold off from the world of the internet I have come to realise the possibilities for me out in the never ending world. Not to mention the great looks it adds to my CV. What’s my favourite subjects to talk about? Travel and Fashion, and seen as how I won’t be travelling for another 6 months I’ll start with fashion. Here I go searching and searching the internet to help us all understand and find the best of the best and the greatest deals out there.  

Wish me luck.

So today I brought my monthly fix! The glossy covers. The Promise of new. Yes it’s what most of us do when the latest editions of Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan hit the shelves. OK maybe I’m an extremist buying them all but I know I’m not alone. However all my happy dreams were crushed when I opened the pretty shiny pages.

Browns, beige’s, knee high boots, they maybe loved at the right time but I am in denial. Summer is not over and I refuse to believe it. So my saviour isss…. WEDGES. They can be worn when we are forced to put on jeans in our horrid British weather and keep the pretty painted toes away from the puddles in the daily summer showers. See their practical if nothing else. And the most exciting thing. Its internet sales time. Check out these scummy numbers on my new found fav Feast your eyes and hold on to summer for as long as possible. If we wish hard enough there might be an Indian summer on the horizon.

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