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New York Fashion Week!


I going to start with an apology to a lack to posts lately. Unfortunately I have been working days and evening and attempting to have some kind of a social life. If I wasn’t I would happily Blog day and night because boy there is a lot to blog about. Yesterday saw the last day of New York Fashion Week! Which means there is tons and tons of endless new things to talk about.

Tadashi Shoji, is a designer who has been around for years working with people as high as Elton John, but he is new to me. And boy do I love him! Romantic flowing dresses and classic structured designs! It looks like the romantic theme started my Kate Middleton in her wedding dress last spring has had a huge influnce Spring/Summer next year! Check out a feature on Shoji here.

If I was getting married forget lusting after Sarah Burton to design the ultimate dress, that’s been done and done again, I would be knocking on Shoji’s door!

No more time I have to be back in work in half an hour but do not fear there are a whole host of designers from NYFW to talk about yet, and it may now be over but all that means is London Fashion Week started this morning. WOOOHOOO and yes I have my tickets to the Fashion Weekend next week so keep posted for up to date news!

Love XO

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