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Bora Bora!!!


Is it weird that I fallen in love near enough everyday? My boyfriend Ross would say, “Yes, what’s the matter with you I should be your only love!”. Kurt Geiger, Charlotte Olympia! And now Bora Aksu has enter my inner circle of love!

Victorian tailoring to Elizabethan skirts. Moulin Rouge to English rose! Layers of cream to black structure. There’s to much to sum it up in one word, one style, even one era!

Blouses you could wear day to day, skirts for special occasions and dresses for clubs. Dresses for a wedding, a christening or a gardening party. There to much to even sum up in one blog!

Bora AksuBora AksuBora Aksu

Bora AksuBora Aksu

See what I mean.

I think there is only one thing for you to do and look at the entire collection because there’s no other words!


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