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Scandinavian Invasion


We all go through that phase, when we come back from a holiday in France and want to dress like the gorgeous French girls that seem to have an effortless glamour about them. Or Spain and you suddenly want ruffles that blow in the wind like your a flamenco dancer. Or Italy and suddenly slick hair and leather seem to do it for you. Or the ultimate trip to New York, were New Yorkers seem to do winter so much better than us! There’s me with tights under my leggings, a hat that covers my ears and a huge camera around my neck! Why it is I look like a tourist from Mexico that can’t take the cold weather and they look wrapped up cool! I’m from England for crying out loud! I do understand cold weather, I was just never taught how to look good in it! And wanting to dress like the Manhattan alite isn’t going to help me.

But did you ever hear someone come back from the cold shores of Norway and say I want to be like them, dress like them and walk like them?.. No either have I. But it seems their day has come. According to this month’s issue of Vogue, Scandinavian style is about to come crashing into our lives and has taken over the French in the style race.

And lets think about it! Clean lines, warm knitted jumps with Aztec designs. They actually make the wooly hat I wore as a tourist in New  York cool!

Can you imagine wearing this gorgeous jumper below while walking around a frozen lake looking at the mountains? OK forget the cheesy mountains but its still cute for an English winter in front of a warm fire.(sorry I’ll stop with the cheesy ideas)


Image 1 of ASOS Blanket Wrap Cardigan In Fairisle£45. ASOS

Image 1 of Vero Moda Retro Geo Pattern Knit£35. ASOS

Vogue described Scandinavian style as “simple minimalist, geomatries and dark brooding Nordic palette,” I think this sweater from ASOS encases  much of that and has a sleek chic look about it.


Image 1 of ASOS Blanket Wrap Cardigan With Woodland Creatures£45. ASOS

Image 1 of A|Wear Draped Cardigan£40. ASOS

ASOS just gets better and better. No needs to look anywhere else.



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