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“Lust After Item of the Week”


I walked into the TopShop in Oxford Street two days ago, and had the sudden urge to blog about shoes. (I say this like it’s never happened before). So even though I couldn’t buy any shoes I said to myself I would walk through the shoe department and see how many I fall in love with and would buy on the spot ‘IF’ I had the money.

And something amazing happened……

The first pair of shoes I saw were these bad boys… red and sexy, a little different and out there.

STUDD Suede Peep Toe Platforms

The problem was, after I saw these I didn’t like one other pair. They were all I could think about.

I mean come on Hannah, this was suppose to be a silly game. A fantasy… See how many pairs I would buy if I could. Go crazy… I thought I would be picking up any other pair.

But you know what they say… when you fall in love you don’t see anyone else’s face. You don’t care how good looking the guy on the train is, because your in love. And I guess the same applies to shoes…. Well for today anyway, I still love every other pair in my closet.

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