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LXD Your Way Through the Party Season.


So the LXD (little Xmas dress) started with the search for the perfect LBD (little black dress). My lovely cousin and I (aka the style icon) stood outside the Dublin Top-shop with our noses practically pressed to the window looking at the sparkly pre-Christmas outfits and Rebecca declares she wants a posh black dress for coming ball. So what did we do? We went in and played dress up of course. And we both found the perfect little back dress.

It then finally occurred to me that, Christmas is actually on it’s way and these should be LXD’s (little Xmas dresses)


The bow tie on mine dress really gives it the holiday party look and the glitter in Rebecca’s is nothing if not Chirstmasy. ‘Yep’ we thought, ‘We’ve done ourselves proud and found the perfect LXD.’ Or so we thought until Rebecca twit’s we this bad boy.



Smart but Sexy, it can only be Whistles. A little out of my price range but what the hell it’s Christmas. Just won’t be able to eat any mince pies in the run up to the big day.



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