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Back to the Future


You won’t be shocked, I have yet another obsession!!

So much so I’m selling the contents of my wardrobe on ebay and using the money to buy all things vintage.

I always loved the idea of vintage items. Something that has been so love and looked after it’s still in perfect condition decades later. Something that’s unique and no one else will have. At the risk of sounding cliche, I find it kind of liberating. Most people cringe away from the idea of ‘second hand’, but we live in such a throw away society it’s amazing to have something that’s been loved for so long, it makes me love it more.

I also have half a wardrobe that I haven’t worn in years but it breaks my heart to throw something away that’s been worn once. Turns out just because I don’t love it anymore, someone else just might, which is why I so happy I sold 3 dresses on Ebay in one week. So what did I do, I brought two vintage clutch bags. Standard, obviously. I have to save for travelling and can’t spend money, but it doesn’t count if it’s money that is just sitting in my pay pal account. Would be crazy to actually save that money, right?

Oh, it’s so pretty and sparkly I want it to arrive on my door step this second.. Although I think my Mum would appricate this for all the parties she has coming up in the new year so shhhhh don’t tell her, Santa might put it in her stocking.

Where the love for vintage really kicked up a gear though was in a little cobbled street in Dublin where I found the cutest little boutique and the cutest 80’s blouse.

Most of the high street things I buy today, lets face it even the ones you pay more for, for example TopShop, they fall apart within a few years, even a few months, but vintage seems to have a high quality and attention to detail, beautiful lace or tapestry, hand sewn beads, and that’s why I’m letting go for the other things I hardly wear in my wardrobe and going head to head in the Ebay bidding wars.

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