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Back in Business


Finally the Closet is back.

December was a stranger month. I was travelling away for work for most of the month and planned to blog lots in endless hotels rooms, except the day before I left my laptop crashed! Oh how we do relay on technology! I was very close to a back down. Luckily it has a new electric box and is as good as new, but then the crazy Christmas period hit, and far to much wine was drank so it’s my new years resolution to get back to blogging and put my heart and soul into it in the short three months I have until I leave for the world tour!

So I finally found the perfect LXD for Christmas eve eve…



I ended up keeping the vintage clutch I thought I might give to my mum for Christmas (woops, don’t tell her), but when I received this dress in the post how could I not! They both shouted I need to be worn at Christmas! (And I got her a more experience 1940’s beaded necklace, so all is forgiven.

I decided the best bet was to keep the shoes simple with all the sparkles on top and finished it off with my loyal blazer! I felt every bit as festive as the tree and got lots of great comments on the bag, so it was defiantly worth keeping. Just not sure I have anywhere to wear it again until next Christmas, but never mind.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, bring on 2012 and many many more blogs to come

x x x



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