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Pompey Fashion Week, Spring/Summer



After three long months of hard work it was finally time for another ‘Pompey Fashion Week’, or so I like to call it, and it was filled with lots of dressing up, glasses of wine, chatting all day and dancing all night.

I had been dying to wear the lace body I brought in H&M last time I was in Portsmouth so when Lorna showed me the new skirt she brought with a zip all the up the front (which we decided looked better at the back) I thought it was perfect. It felt like summer being back in Portsmouth and the stand out orange made me think I was going to walk out into the sun again. (Which after a few glasses of wine it absolutely did, no coat needed).

After many outfit changes and us all umming and ahhing over all the purchases Lorna had made in the January sales she decided to wear a little 60’s number that showed off her gorgeous tan just right. (cough cough.. didn’t I say the 60’s were back?)

So, all that was left to do was make the hair a big as possible, a few sprays of perfume, a few more friends, games and drinks and we were ready to hit the club. Shame I didn’t make the pizza after but it was a brilliant night.


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