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Style Says!


What happens when you work three 50 hour weeks, have one day off and then run away to Portsmouth for a party weekend? Well unfortunately the Blog has to be put by the way side for a little while, but I am afraid the hours have to be put in to make enough money for the World Tour!

But in the mean time I have had my phone out secretly at work discovering new and exciting things to blog about!

So I want you guys to all feast your eyes on an amazing new site I’m now on. It’s called Styles Says and is a great way to shop online. Some of my blog post are now on there so if there was something I have written about that you particular like you may be able to fine a similar outfit with the click of a button!

To my British readers, most of it is through American websites but most of them also have the same websites in Britain, I.E ASOS and Net-A-PORTER.

I’ll be uploading all future post on there so don’t forget if there’s something you NEED to have click on the Style Says button to find where and how to have it posted right to your door!

Online is the only way I can shop lately so if any of you are the same I hope this helps.


Much Love xox

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