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Its All About Creating Your Own!


The obsession with vintage doesn’t look set to die out any time soon especially after my latest realisation!

Not all vintage was made to fit us perfectly and there isn’t exactly sizes 8-18 on the racks! So of course why not alter your favourite items!

Yes, I am lucky enough to have a Mummy with amazing sewing skills and the patients to teach me, (also the patients to unpick and redo when it goes wrong!) But it’s not that hard to teach yourself it just takes a little practice and I cant tell you how good it felt to wear something not only unique but something I put love and affection into!

So here it is!

When I saw the electric blue crazy patterned skirt on Ebay from a Vintage store in the Brighton (my favourite city I might add) I thought it was so different, perfect for my travels around Asia and nights out before. But it was a size 14, so I talked my Mum into giving me the sewing lessons and ordered it anyway! And I think it really paid off!

I paired it with a netted lace top from New Look for a bit of contrast against the electric stripes, simple heels and jewelry to avoid over kill and I was ready to head back to Portsmouth for Lorna’s 22nd birthday!

I’m starting to detect a pattern for this year with the coloured skirts! Remember the bright orange from the last Portsmouth trip? Plus I just purchases another bright orange and green skirts from H&M for my holidays!

Check these girls out!

Not sure if it’s a trend or just a yearning for summer.

All dressed up and ready to go, all we need was a little bit of silliness and a lot of dancing!

Top- New Look Online, Skirt- Vintage, Shoes- Also New Look, Jewelry- Primark.

Also don’t forget to check out style says for similar items!/closet

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