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The Countdown Begins!


Some of you maybe aware that at the end of March my boyfriend Ross and I are leaving on a 3 month tour of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, finally ending our journey in Australia where we will stay until… well until we’re kicked out I guess. We have a 12 month working visa but when I say work I mean I fully intend to Blog and write my way through the year, 2 years, whatever it turns into. And today it is 30 days until we leave! The countdown is officially underway.

Problem number one, we’re taking backpacks with us and NOTHING else! For 3 months this could be manageable but for the foreseeable future….!!! I planned to send a box of all my favorite clothes to Australia but turns out it cost £200 pounds air mail and think how much I could buy on eBay with that! So even though ClosetFash will be closing it’s doors for 3 months, make sure you come back in June to see how I manage to recreate my entire wardrobe on a serious budget.

For now it’s all about picking outfits that will still give me my fashion fix but roll up as small as possible to get in my backpack. I thought my latest purchase would give you all some inspiration for summer and coming holidays!

Just a  little bit in love with the 1930’s swim wear look, so I thought a high waisted skirt and halter neck bikini would be reminiscent of that.

H&M are amazing for summer clothes, I’m still doing the calculation in my head on how many colours of this skirt I can get in my backpack.

Both skirts came from H&M just £3.99. The bikini is from Primark and the crochet top is vintage.

Who said backpacking involved dirty shorts and baggy t-shirts!

Although I obviously won’t be able to take all my beautiful heels with me I think jeweled sandals will make up for it!



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