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Kuala Lumpur Loving


Kuala Lumpar.. Forget New York, KL is the city that never sleeps. From shopping malls with theme parks inside to all night food in China Town, Kuala Lumpur is an exciting place to be. And for me, after backpacking through Thailand and Malaysia for nearly two months, was the first place I felt it was right to do a little dressing up. I had brought with me only a few ‘dressy’ clothes, but had donned only one dress since starting our travels in Ko Phi Phi and I must say, I felt very uncomfortable ‘dressed’ up. It was a dress I’ve blogged about before, and something I had worn for a casual day out at home, but in the Thai Islands I might as well have been wearing a ball gown and couldn’t wait to get back in my denim shorts. Very unlike me.

As you may realize backpacking has forced me to get rid of a habit of a lifetime, no more oversized suit cases and pretty frocks.

But KL is the capital of Malaysia and has a certain ‘Je Nous Se Qua’ about it. So que my favorite outfit from the bottom on my backpack and take lots of pictures as I prance around a KL shopping center, gapping at all the things I wish I could afford, or fit in my backpack for that matter. (Don’t worry I forget all about them when I arrive at the beach a few days later, a pretty bikini will do).


The body con skirt that I’ve blogged about many times before from Topshop, a crochet top I purchased in a Bangkok market, beaded sandals from Accessorize, topped from with my Jackie O sunglasses I got from a vintage stall in Brighton.  You’ll always get your favorite items from these kinds of places, vintage stores, markets etc, purely for the fact that they will always be your one of a kind.


If your interested in the backpacking and travel side of my trip check Closet Aboard and come aboard the adventures with me.


As always, much love from Syndey, Australia x x x

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