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Singapore by day and by night


It was a blistering hot day in Singapore. Ergo opt for as little clothing as possible.

Compared to the rest of South East Asia, Singapore has a completely different feel. It’s all high rises, business men and designer shops, so it can be hard to find an outfit that says ‘chic in the city’ with as little clothing as possible.

I went for my pink demin shorts to help the chic factor, made from my Primark jeans which I blogged about pre-trip. A floaty crop top I brought from a boutique in Malaysia, Accessorize beaded sandals, and so I didn’t look to casual browsing the lovely high-end stores, I added my D&G sunglasses. With the pink flowers they went perfectly with my cropped up as i felt it was a hearts and flowers kind of day.

With the outfit sorted we walked on down to Marina Bay Harbor and enjoyed the sights and the sun before having a lovely Indian meal. The perfect day, and the perfect outfit to hide the tell tell ‘I’ve eaten far to much belly’. Thank heavens for floaty tops I say.

By night fall, it was time to bring out the big guns. And when I say guns I mean skirt. Singapore was the only place in Asia I felt my pink ballet skirt fit in, and on this particular night the temperature dropped slightly cooler than normal, so it was perfect.

The skirt I have also mentioned briefly before from H&M is floaty, girly, pretty, flattering and my favorite thing to wear. Maybe not everyone’s cup on tea, but I’ve always had lovely comments on it and is apparently, and I quote, it’s ‘very me, a Hannah skirt’.

I paired it with a light ,white vest top, also H&M not wanting to detract from the skirt and the same beaded sandals, I love them they go from day to night so easily.

The skirt fit in perfectly with the Singapore elite and I felt like I was in an Asian Sex and the City.

The Harbor by night was incredible and as always Singapore put on an amazing show with Motown singers, silence comedy shows, and a Disney inspired light show. The humidity however never failed to get to my hair so I won’t be giving hair tips any time soon.

As always, much love x x x

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