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Summer Tulip


It’s summer at home and winter in Sydney, Australia where I currently sit writing. But it’s still 19 degrees outside so I’m not having to many problems with the fact that I’m in a completely different season to the majority of my readers. However that will all change come October, but I shall face that problem when I get to it. Not that I’m complaining. I’ll also just have to work on getting more of a following this side of the equator. Not a challenge at all.

Pre-trip when I was agonizing over what to bring with me in my smallish backpack, I came across this tulip shaped dress. I had brought it in the TopShop sales about 2 years before. It was slightly to big and the zip was broken, but it was 7 pounds and inspiration hit me. Well I say inspiration, I really mean I gave my Mum, ‘the incredible seamstress’ a big smile and a hug until she got the sewing machine out. But I never really found the right moment to wear it. A couple of cold English summers followed and there was never the perfect cardigan to match. Nor did it go with leggings, so I kind of forgot about it. Well I think it will find it’s home in Australia. It’s extemeo girlyo but paired with the harsher brown of my  sandals I think it balances and calms the baby dolly look down a tad.

While thinking about the prettiness of the dress and it full skirt I saw some great news on the Australian version of This Morning, “Mornings”, stating ASOS now shipped to Australia and it’s taking off like nothing else.

Well I needed no more incentive and got straight on it. The Aussie site sells the same product so there will be no confusion there.

Some are a little expensive, but the idea and the style is all there to inspire you. Plus they’re two lovely to leave out, what more explanation do you need?

Image 1 of Aqua Floyd Dress Structured Skater with Metal Section BeltImage 2 of Aqua Floyd Dress Structured Skater with Metal Section Belt$180 ASOS

This one (below) I fell in love with at first sight. It’s a bit mumsy in a way, or maybe a little more Kate Middleton but it has something about it that made me think, tea party. Please don’t ask me why, I don’t have an explanation for that one but it’s sexy by leaving something to the imagination, and still show off great legs. Well the model has great legs. Also the long sleeves make it perfect for an English summer… or an Australian winter.

Image 4 of ASOS Skater Dress With Kiss PrintImage 2 of ASOS Skater Dress With Kiss Print $65 ASOS

Image 1 of Alice McCall Anais Dress In Silk Cotton With Cutwork BodiceImage 3 of Alice McCall Anais Dress In Silk Cotton With Cutwork Bodice$562 ASOS

Image 1 of Nishe Embroidered Daisy Prom DressImage 3 of Nishe Embroidered Daisy Prom Dress$195 ASOS

The rest I don’t think I need to mention, they speak for themselves. Or they do to me anyway. Sweet dresses and I have a secret sign language.

As always much love x x x

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