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Happy First Birthday Closet Fash


1 year on!

It’s been one of the strangest but most exciting years of my life.

One year ago today I started Closet Fash, mostly because I wanted to find an outlet for writing since I finished my Journalism degree, and keep up everything I had learned while I was working to go travelling.

I had been talking about maybe starting a blog for weeks… well okay, it could have been months, and on one emotional Saturday evening saying goodbye to one of my closest friends Marie as she left to live in California for a year, she made me promise I would start it. And that was it, the next morning Closet Fash was born!

Well yesterday Marie touched back down on the tarmac of Heathrow Airport, and it feels like only days ago that she hugged goodbye, but weirdly it feels like I’ve had my blog for much much longer. It has simple become a part of my everyday life.

Although I am nowhere near where I wanted to be at the one year mark with my blog, travelling South East Asia for 3 months and moving to Australia have somehow got in the way, but I still have the Closet on my mind 24/7. Every time I pass a shop window, or a girl in amazing shoes walks on by, its at the for front of my mind.

I could never have imagined one year ago the blogging world that the Closet would open up for me. It’s no long a means to an end for writing and experience, it’s now an exciting life style.

One of my most used and important communities that the Closet introduced me to is the world of the Independent Fashion Bloggers. And while browsing the site yesterday, as I do pretty much everyday, I came across an article asking bloggers to submit their favorite fashion moments. This gave me a get an idea for the ‘First Birthday Blog’.

‘My favorite moment, from my first year as a blogger.’

This outfit came from the blog ‘Back in Business’ that I wrote on New Years Day this year. It was the moment that vintage really clicked for me, and as my readers will know the love for vintage only grew stronger from this moment on.

I had brought the blazer in a charity shop a few years before with my flat mates but had only started to understand the importance of a blazer in ones wardrobe. The dress and bag I had just brought from Ebay when I discovered what an important means Ebay is. Separately I wasn’t sure about the dress but when I paired it all together it just seemed to fit. Like I said it just clicked, and I finally understood the reason accessories and thinking about what works is the most important part of fashion.

It was also a time I was getting more confident with make up even though I had been wearing the basics for years, and started getting more risky in my lipstick choices, which I think paid off. And I have to say, I felt pretty great going out on a cold winters evening with my friends to celebrate Christmas Eve Eve.

It’s been an amazing year. I have made incredible friends, traveled 5 countries, settled in Australia, got a new job and found my calling in life in the Closet brand. I plan to make it grow and prosper, and hopefully when I write a similar post to this one year from now I can speak of its success. But most importantly I want to thank my readers for all the lovely comments and coming back time and again.

I hope that wasn’t to cheesy.

As always, much love x x x

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  1. 14/08/2012 6:16 am

    I really like the dress.. I would definitely wear it.

  2. 16/08/2012 4:00 am

    Wow- congrats!


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