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Sydney Fashion Festival


Last Friday night I dragged Ross with me into the city centre of Sydney to attend Sydney Fashion Festival. Champagne, Mercedes convertibles, make overs, Marie Claire and of course a killer cat-walk made it an exciting and insightful night into the Sydney fashion scene.

Seen as how I’m living in Australia I think it’s important to look at Australian designers and blow their trumpets as much as I can because along with China and the rest of Asia I think Australia is holding its own and becoming bigger on the World fashion stage. Move over Milan, Sydney had a lot to say last Friday night.

So watch out for lots of Australian designers in up and coming posts. But for now obvisously the most outfit was mine! Err Hello this is my blog so lets force on me for a second.

Although it was an evening event, the London fashion events I have been to in the past are always more about style and trends rather than being dressed up for a night out. So I decided on a tailored pair of shorts. I felt they were smart enough for the evening but paired with a simple cardigan became more laid back. Given their bright colour and the bright colour of my bag I kept the top half of me a plainer black and white. And tried to show the Aussies some English Heritage with the padded anorak I’ve blogged about in the past.

The shorts were from an Australian chain named ‘Chic-A-Booti’, which I love, it’s a bit of a New Look/H&M but with better quality materials.

The bag is my favourite item. It was one of the first things I brought when I got to the land down under because after three months backpacking I didn’t even have a handbag. I saw it from the window of Sports Girl, which I’m pretty sure we have in England, if not I’ve definitely seen it in Europe. When I got inside it was $50 reduced to $15.. Meant. To. Be! Surprisingly even though it’s a bright yellow it seems to go with most things.

The shoes I mentioned briefly in my last blog. These also go with everything and I love the style of them. There a little bit old school, sling back peep toes.








Don’t worry he gets his moment on the red carpet too. Albeit a playful one.


Remember to keep in the loop for all my favorite designers from Fashion Festival in the next few days. I finally finally finally have my new laptop and internet set up so blogging can take priority again. So she says, wait until I finish a 9 hour shift at the restaurant I wont sound so positive. But positive thoughts Hannah, POSITIVE THOUGHTS!

As always much love x x x


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