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Sydney Fashion Festival: Johanna Johnson


I thought I would start my research into the local designers featured in Sydney Fashion Festival with my favorite designer of the night, because well you have to start somewhere and the minute the models for Johanna Johnson walked out I gripped Ross’s hand a little tighter in excitement.

She specializes, I have found, in Bridal wear, which is beautiful and I would recommend to anyone getting married but I’m not and I doubt many of you at this second are so lets focus on her latest collection of evening wear.



God it’s so pretty I could die!

I love the loose fitting 20’s style dresses and the head pieces to match the era. But I also love the fitted pretty tulip dresses. Maybe a little safe with the simple black but the cut of each dress completely make up for it in my book.


01 JJTO4004  Harlow

JJL3016-GOLD  Gardinia in Gold

The detail in every piece is purely the reason she is being noticed on the runway, so obviously if you are getting married she is the perfect place to go. So check it out!

01 JJZ0023  The Susannah



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