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Singapore by day and by night


It was a blistering hot day in Singapore. Ergo opt for as little clothing as possible.

Compared to the rest of South East Asia, Singapore has a completely different feel. It’s all high rises, business men and designer shops, so it can be hard to find an outfit that says ‘chic in the city’ with as little clothing as possible.

I went for my pink demin shorts to help the chic factor, made from my Primark jeans which I blogged about pre-trip. A floaty crop top I brought from a boutique in Malaysia, Accessorize beaded sandals, and so I didn’t look to casual browsing the lovely high-end stores, I added my D&G sunglasses. With the pink flowers they went perfectly with my cropped up as i felt it was a hearts and flowers kind of day.

With the outfit sorted we walked on down to Marina Bay Harbor and enjoyed the sights and the sun before having a lovely Indian meal. The perfect day, and the perfect outfit to hide the tell tell ‘I’ve eaten far to much belly’. Thank heavens for floaty tops I say.

By night fall, it was time to bring out the big guns. And when I say guns I mean skirt. Singapore was the only place in Asia I felt my pink ballet skirt fit in, and on this particular night the temperature dropped slightly cooler than normal, so it was perfect.

The skirt I have also mentioned briefly before from H&M is floaty, girly, pretty, flattering and my favorite thing to wear. Maybe not everyone’s cup on tea, but I’ve always had lovely comments on it and is apparently, and I quote, it’s ‘very me, a Hannah skirt’.

I paired it with a light ,white vest top, also H&M not wanting to detract from the skirt and the same beaded sandals, I love them they go from day to night so easily.

The skirt fit in perfectly with the Singapore elite and I felt like I was in an Asian Sex and the City.

The Harbor by night was incredible and as always Singapore put on an amazing show with Motown singers, silence comedy shows, and a Disney inspired light show. The humidity however never failed to get to my hair so I won’t be giving hair tips any time soon.

As always, much love x x x


Kuala Lumpur Loving


Kuala Lumpar.. Forget New York, KL is the city that never sleeps. From shopping malls with theme parks inside to all night food in China Town, Kuala Lumpur is an exciting place to be. And for me, after backpacking through Thailand and Malaysia for nearly two months, was the first place I felt it was right to do a little dressing up. I had brought with me only a few ‘dressy’ clothes, but had donned only one dress since starting our travels in Ko Phi Phi and I must say, I felt very uncomfortable ‘dressed’ up. It was a dress I’ve blogged about before, and something I had worn for a casual day out at home, but in the Thai Islands I might as well have been wearing a ball gown and couldn’t wait to get back in my denim shorts. Very unlike me.

As you may realize backpacking has forced me to get rid of a habit of a lifetime, no more oversized suit cases and pretty frocks.

But KL is the capital of Malaysia and has a certain ‘Je Nous Se Qua’ about it. So que my favorite outfit from the bottom on my backpack and take lots of pictures as I prance around a KL shopping center, gapping at all the things I wish I could afford, or fit in my backpack for that matter. (Don’t worry I forget all about them when I arrive at the beach a few days later, a pretty bikini will do).


The body con skirt that I’ve blogged about many times before from Topshop, a crochet top I purchased in a Bangkok market, beaded sandals from Accessorize, topped from with my Jackie O sunglasses I got from a vintage stall in Brighton.  You’ll always get your favorite items from these kinds of places, vintage stores, markets etc, purely for the fact that they will always be your one of a kind.


If your interested in the backpacking and travel side of my trip check Closet Aboard and come aboard the adventures with me.


As always, much love from Syndey, Australia x x x

A Long Time Gone


Dear Readers,

A little letter to you all about my absence in the last 4 months.

Some of you may know the reason, but I have been travelling Asia for 3 months and have now been living in Sydney, Australia for the last month. Now I’m settled in Australia and starting to earn some money I’m itching to start writing again. So please, keep posted I want the information to start pouring back out of the Closet.

If your in any way interested in whats been keeping me busy however check out fash’s sister Closet Aboard

Thank you for sticking with me throughout my absence, every now and then I check and I can’t believe I’m still getting views after all this time.

As always, much love.

Hannah x x x

Hello Spring, You Were Missed!


Fresh coloured nails, fresh coloured jeans, a hint of floral in the belt and cas white converses, I think Lauren has nailed spring down to a tee so I felt I had to share this with you all.

Nothing says spring loving more than a colourful pair of jeans so I did some searching about to give you a look at my favorite ones.

MOTO Apricot Supersoft Skinny Leigh JeansTopshop £38

MOTO Peach Baxter JeansTopshop £40

MOTO Strawberry Baxter JeansTopshop £40

Warehouse Washed Rose Skinny Jean ASOS £40

And a kind thank you to my friend Lauren for letting me use her art work! Check her out at x x x

Pretty Milan


New York, London, Milan and now Paris Fashion week have all come and graced us with lots of exciting things to look forward to and lust after but what’s important is to understand how to take those trends, colours, textures and ideas and apply it to us, which I know is hard to imagine when see Marc Jacobs A/W collection…

Don’t worry I get your concerns. So what I’ve done is apply my wardrobe to Jill Sander’s A/W collection shown in Milan last week. It might be for Autumn/Winter but I think it’s perfect for us to take inspiration from right now as we come into spring. Reminisant for romance, spring flowers and love.. Okay soppy.. moment over.. It’s not 2011, there is no Royal Wedding on the horizon, but we can still dress like it.

And for me the only way to do that is in my favorite ballet style layered skirt. It makes me feel like I need to find a field to skip in, and I just love that. Jill Sander features so much of this style in her new collection it looks like the floating skirt/dress is going to be sticking around for a while.


The second look that jumped out at me from Sander was the tailoring, but the pastel colours make it perfect for the coming months.

For me, on an evening out I still like to get my legs out so the tailored play suit works for me no end.

From Winter to Summer and Back Again


Scarf wrapped as high around my face as possible, or as much as you possibly can before you look like an armed robber, Ross and I headed out on a cold winters day for a walk! My favorite slouch bag on hand, I took advantage of the crisp winter weather and Eastbourne Harbour before we leave it all behind. Not that I’ll miss the weather but okay I’ll admit it, it is kind of nice getting all wrapped up.

The only way to head out on one of these days is in a trench! Every year I can’t help but go back to the classic belted trench. How ever many unsexy warm layers you have on under there you’ll always feel shapely and classic in a trench coat, and mine was cheap as chip from Primark.

Paired with skin tight jeans (New Look), tanned loafers (, a wool scarf (Topshop) and slouch bag (Next), I think it makes the cream Trench a little more chic and a little less Inspector Gadget!

The Countdown Begins!


Some of you maybe aware that at the end of March my boyfriend Ross and I are leaving on a 3 month tour of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, finally ending our journey in Australia where we will stay until… well until we’re kicked out I guess. We have a 12 month working visa but when I say work I mean I fully intend to Blog and write my way through the year, 2 years, whatever it turns into. And today it is 30 days until we leave! The countdown is officially underway.

Problem number one, we’re taking backpacks with us and NOTHING else! For 3 months this could be manageable but for the foreseeable future….!!! I planned to send a box of all my favorite clothes to Australia but turns out it cost £200 pounds air mail and think how much I could buy on eBay with that! So even though ClosetFash will be closing it’s doors for 3 months, make sure you come back in June to see how I manage to recreate my entire wardrobe on a serious budget.

For now it’s all about picking outfits that will still give me my fashion fix but roll up as small as possible to get in my backpack. I thought my latest purchase would give you all some inspiration for summer and coming holidays!

Just a  little bit in love with the 1930’s swim wear look, so I thought a high waisted skirt and halter neck bikini would be reminiscent of that.

H&M are amazing for summer clothes, I’m still doing the calculation in my head on how many colours of this skirt I can get in my backpack.

Both skirts came from H&M just £3.99. The bikini is from Primark and the crochet top is vintage.

Who said backpacking involved dirty shorts and baggy t-shirts!

Although I obviously won’t be able to take all my beautiful heels with me I think jeweled sandals will make up for it!



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